About the Mansion

Behind the Gates

Windy Hallows is a place where whimsy meets the darkness. Where the quiet stories we can only imagine are fully realized as theatrical productions, creating a space where we can meet. Windy Hallows is in loving memory of my grandmother. A woman who wrote, produced and directed plays in her backyard. Gathering all of the children of the neighborhood to participate and all of the families of the neighborhood to donate. All proceeds went to Hathaway-Sycamore House in Pasadena, CA. 


Erika Jenko

Erika is the pixie behind Windy Hallows. Having dreamed of running off to join the circus from the time she was a little girl, Erika has adventured all over the country creating theatre. As a playwright, Erika's works have been produced in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Boise. Her plays focus on themes of mental health including grief, OCD, anxiety and depression, and her focus is writing plays for children of all ages. 

Not known to sit around and wait, Erika has worked in every element of theatre from producing her original plays, stage managing, location scouting, casting and more. Her inspiration for creating magical worlds came from years of working in entertainment at the Disneyland Resort, seeing Hook when she was 9 years old, and being encouraged to play in the mud and swing on ropes throughout her childhood. 

Image by Meritt Thomas

About Windy Hallows

When she wrote and produced her first play, Princes Don't Live in Cyberland, Erika made the debut an experience. After the play, there was live music, walk around characters and food. It was an opportunity for the audience to gather. After years of creating theatre all over the country, the pandemic awakened the memories of that first debut. A themed place for people to gather to celebrate theatre and storytelling. The world is slowly starting to reopen. Erika has a collection of works that are bursting to be shared. She can't wait to share this world with you. Welcome to Windy Hallows.