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Written by: Erika Jenko


The Darlings are a family who thrive off of make believe. When one of the Darlings starts the battle against cancer, everyone jumps in to support each other. As the battle progresses, hints of the past start to seep in through the playroom window. Inspired by the lore of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, "Darling" examines the grieving process through the eyes of a child.


Having been inspired by the lore of "Peter Pan" from the time I was a child, I always wanted to reimagine the story. The play began development in New York. The original script took place in the early 1900's and the first reading was almost 3 hours long. Multiple drafts and versions followed. A 30-minute festival version taking place in modern times focused more closely on a modern family. Inspired by my own family's ups and downs with navigating cancer, and how a child experiences that journey.

Cast/Crew + Production History

New York New Works Theatre Festival (NY, NY)-Semi Finalist

Produced by: Cooper Jordan

Director/Choreographer: Peter Studlo

Wardrobe Design: Ashley Timm

Lighting Design: Olivia Wells

Ensemble: Alex Delare, Alec Mathieson, Ryan Andrew Arthur, Philippe Levesque, Jay William Thomas

Production History:

New York New Works Theatre Festival (NY, NY)-Semi Finalist

Homegrown Theatre (Boise, ID)-Developmental Reading

Center for Social Innovation (New York, NY)-Staged Reading

Identity Theatre Co. (New York, NY)-Staged Reading


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