Focusing on magical realism as the theme of all of my stories, my plays typically put children at the forefront of the adventure. Navigating themes such as mental illness and grief, I am a firm believer that my characters are not only strong enough to face it, but can help remind grownups everywhere that life is magical and meant to be lived through kindness and bold adventurous pursuits. 

I'm a self-producing playwright who loves directing and building magical worlds that explore themes of mental health. I learned recently that my love of self-producing theatre runs in the family. My gramma used to self-produce theatre inspired by fairy tales in her own backyard. The theatrical events would get the entire community involved, and an evening in Gramma's yard consisted of a home cooked meal, homemade crafts and a full-blown piece of theatre performed by children in the neighborhood. All proceeds were in support of the Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services in Pasadena, CA.


Armed with a degree in broadcast journalism, a minor in film studies, and a background in public speaking and stage acting, I have never officially taken a class in playwriting. I find inspiration from film soundtracks, cinema and innovative TV writing. My heroes are Steven Spielberg and John Williams.


Outside of self-producing, my writing has been produced in many forms, including "Dex: A Killer Parody Musical" (Bookwriter, Cooper Jordan Entertainment), "Horrific Puppet Affair" (Playwright/Director, Homegrown Theatre),  Captain Hook's Cabaret (Bookwriter/Lyricist, Cooper Jordan Entertainment).