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Venue Partnerships

Currently seeking Los Angeles based Venue Partnerships for both rehearsal and performance space. 

Seeking non-traditional venues (i.e. parks, barns, warehouses, etc)--preferably outdoors or well ventilated.


While the COVID policies for the theatre community are constantly changing, I am aiming for a Fall 2022 production. Please contact me if interested. More details coming soon!

Seeking one of the following partnerships:

a) Venue+Advertising trade: Venue offered for free in exchange for advertising on show website and social media

b) Box office split: Venue offered for free in exchange for a % of the box office sales

c) Co-Producer: Would need to buy the show for a flat fee and offer a venue for free in exchange for 100% of the ticket sales. Would be listed as a co-producer of the production.

Mental health Partnerships

Currently seeking mental health organizations that focus on the grieving process (especially in children) for a production of Darling.

The show focuses on the grieving process of young children as their mom goes through cancer treatment.

With a mental health partnership, there are a variety of ways we can help: Donations toward your organization, talk backs featuring someone from your organization, making resources promoting the organization available at all performances.

Please contact me if interested.

Business sponsorships

Coming soon! Contact me if you're an LA based business interested in being contacted when opportunities are available.

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