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Written/Directed/Produced by: Erika Jenko

Synopsis + History


This was my first full-length play written shortly after I got out of college. The format was inspired by Reader's Theater and centered on monologues, movement and short scenes to tell the story.

Based entirely on my relationship with my mom and gramma, the script dives into our family history and specific events that focus on the pain and joy that come from facing the past and moving forward. 

The whole thing started off as a blog where I vented about my inabilty to find love. Needing an audition monologue for an actor's showcase in Los Angeles, I used the blog as audition material, and it was a hit. Once I got cast in the showcase, I used the blog and knew immediately after that I needed to develop it into a full-length script.

Once the script was developed to include the history of mom and gramma, I cast a short run of the show in Los Angeles. We played multiple venues, occasionally switching out ensemble members. A couple years later, I had moved to New York and took the show with me. The show played different cabaret theaters and saw a whole new cast.

Looking back on this piece, I'm incredibly proud of it. It was a lot of firsts. First self-produced production. First full-length script. 

Cast/Crew + Production History

Los Angeles Cast:

Erika: herself

Mom: Beth Bryson, Emily O'Connor

Gramma: Cat Day

Lighting Designer: Casey Kimble

New York Cast:

Erika: Erika Jenko, Kimberly Abrams

Mom: Beth Bryson, Allyson Ansel, Charlotte Munson

Gramma: Paula Rivera, Ashley Timm

Production History:

ComedySportz (Los Angeles, CA)

Actor's Workout Theater (Hollywood, CA)

Grand Central Art Center (Santa Ana, CA)

Hollywood Fringe Festival (Hollywood, CA)

Manhattan Repertory Theater (New York, NY)

The Underground Lounge (New York, NY)

The Celebrity Club (New York, NY)


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