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Windy Hallows is my theatrical production company which launched in 2022 with the debut of "The Firefly Web" (Presented as part of the 2022 SheLA Theater Festival).

Windy Hallows creates theatrical experiences that focus on topics of mental health awareness and stories that put a child's perspective first. Past our innagural production, we will be focusing on creating productions that will sweep our audiences away into environments that blend script with immersive settings. 

Currently in development: "Darling," "Penelope" as well as a longer run of "The Firefly Web." 

Windy Hallows is a tribute to my grandmother. A woman who used to reimagine fairytales as theatrical events. She would get all of the children in the neighborhood involved and put on an annual play in her backyard. They sold crafts, admission and dinners to their guests and all proceeds were in support of Hathaway-Sycamores in Pasadena. 'Windy' was her nickname. 'Hallows' is for her love of Halloween. She used to blast Halloween SFX cassette tapes with her front door open year round. 

I hope that anyone who sees a show produced by Windy Hallows, whether it's a child seeing their first play or someone like me who has had chilling moments of navigating mental health, will feel like they stepped into a magical space. A space where their stories are being told earnestly and with kindness. A place where they can experience the magic of who they are and share it with the people around them. Most of all, my hope is that these plays bring greater awareness to local mental health organizations as well as shine a light on what children and adults alike truly experience. 

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