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By:Erika Jenko


The Rabbit Hole Society is a secret society of storytellers who meet in unique locations.  Meetings are immersive by nature, allowing audience members the opportunity to explore trinkets and interact with society members. During each meeting, society members present three original short plays from the mind of Erika Jenko, transporting the audience into a whimsical world that explores themes of mental health. 

Meetings align with the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and all stories, trinkets and interactions are themed to the season. We hope you'll fall with us.


Growing up, I loved the friendship and trusted inner circles portrayed in the films Now and Then and Little Women (1994). I wanted to create a secret society of storytellers who brought original short plays to life. Spending a lot of time in the development phase of writing, I had seen my plays go through countless readings. Readings were always simple and meant to be a work in progress. I wanted to create a reading that was a finished product. Framing play readings as a secret society meeting allows the audience to be a part of an immersive environment where they are welcomed into a safe space to hear new stories come to life.--Erika Jenko

Cast/Crew + Production History

Written/Directed/Produced by: Erika Jenko

Venue Partner: Stan Mansion (Chicago, IL)

A special thank you to our Venue Partner, who made Summer and Fall Edition 2019 possible.

Box Office: Matthew Baltzell

Photographer (Summer Edition 2019): Kathryn Haynes



Michaela Voit (Spring & Fall Edition 2019)

Emily Daigle (Spring Edition 2019)

Sarah Allyn Althen (Spring, Summer and Fall Edition 2019)

Victoria Hines (Summer Edition 2019)

Erika Jenko (Summer & Fall Edition 2019)

Production History:

Spring Edition 2019-Berger Park Mansion (Chicago, IL)

Written by: Erika Jenko

"Up Here, Down There"

"When Rabbits Go Outside"

"Between the Floorboards"

Summer Edition 2019-Stan Mansion (Chicago, IL)

Written by: Erika Jenko

"Star & Sea"

"Please Tell Teddy"

"The House with a Light"

Fall Edition 2019- Stan Mansion (Chicago, IL)

Written by: Erika Jenko

"When the Apple Falls"

"When Adelade Sees Me"

"The Haunted Girl"


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