As a self-producing playwright, all of my productions run off of a small budget. Costumes are thrifted. Props are made out of upcycled materials. Set pieces are minimal. Donations will allow me to pay the actors, designers and crew who lovingly share their time and talent to help me bring these worlds to life. 

Below, you'll find details on a variety of donor opportunities including one-time donations, venue partnerships, sponsoring the Rabbit Hole Society and partnering as a mental health organization. If you have other ideas or ways to contribute, please reach out. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about these works.


Make a donation


Become a venue partner

Building new worlds through original scripts requires finding that special venue with which the piece connects. The space where the script can truly come to life. Seeking both traditional spaces such as black boxes and non-traditional spaces such as parks, barns and mansions, a Venue Partnership allows me to increase production value.

Venue Partnerships allow a non-traditional space to be seen in a new light by a new audience. If you're interested in becoming a venue partner, please contact me for more details.


Sponsorships: Rabbit Hole Society

The Rabbit Hole Society is a seasonal storytelling experience taking place in unique locations. Being an intimate event with small audience sizes, sponsorships allow me to pay the actors, hire a photographer and increase production value for audiences. 


Seeking mental health partnerships

All of my plays are based on themes of grief and mental health. Currently seeking mental health partnerships. Whether you're looking to speak at a post-show event, have a percentage of the ticket sales donated to your organization or if a performance would help your community, please reach out. If you're interested in partnering in other ways, please reach out with your ideas and I look forward to meeting you.​