Presented as part of the 2022 SheLA Theater Festival

A Windy Hallows Creation 
From the Mind of Erika Jenko


July 13 at 7:30pm
July 17 at 2:15pm

Experience the magic at the Zephyr Theatre (7456 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles)

Twins Lane & Jasper return home for their yearly summer visit, which coincides with a 10-year family anniversary. While there, their childhood lake house transports the twins to memories 10 years prior. 10 years prior when their sensitivities to death were just developing. When life was simply about forts and buried treasure, or was it? As the memories become tangled in the present, Lane & Jasper must face their darkest fears that took shape all those years ago. The firefly jars have been sitting on the dock for a decade. Waiting to glow.

"The Firefly Web" focuses on topics of mental health awareness, including: Suicide, OCD, Generational Trauma, Anxiety and Depression.

Graphic Design by: Matthew Baltzell

Meet the Family

Written/Directed by: Erika Jenko

Sound Design + Graphic Design: Matthew Baltzell

Marketing + Social Media Coordinator: Jenny Rae Gibson

Prop + Set Design: Erika Jenko

Show Mentor: Lauren Harris